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We provide Bee colony removal and (Killer) honeybee swarm removal service to all of South West Florida.

We specialize in removing bees from walls, attics, trees, etc... We have experience removing bees from almost any situation imaginable! In some circumstances where physically accessing the colony is not possible, we also provide a "trap-out" service.

Honeybee swarm season in South West Florida begins in April and goes through July-August. When bees swarm, half of the colony splits off and is searching for a new home. Any large cluster of bees without an obvious nest is probably a swarm. These bees have no honey or babies to protect, so they are very gentle. Don't spray them! We are happy to come out and collect them for a very reasonable fee. Once a swarm has decided to move in, (for example, to your attic) removing them becomes a much bigger challenge. But this is what we do best! Once again, PLEASE DO NOT SPRAY BEES WITH A INSECTICIDE! It probably will not kill them all, and it may leave you with a rotting, stick mess (think about what 60-100 lbs of honey would be like as it seeps through the ceiling of your living room) that will attract other pests and cause much more damage. We charge a significant fee on top of our normal rates when we come across a colony that has signs of pesticide damage (it is quite obvious). This is to cover the cost of replacing contaminated equipment that we will not be able to use on other bees. Let us know in advance, and this cost will be reduced.

Operated by the owner! for other problems with animals sometimes we use subcontractors. Beekeeper and Bee removal Service Licensed & Insured L10000017488.

Over the years, as our business has grown, we’ve continued to make customer service our top priority. When we arrive at a job site, public safety is paramount to us. In addition to bee removal, we will also work with the owner of the property on bee-proofing their structures. We have a great love and respect for the honeybee and because they are so vital to our environment.

We do not Kill Bees! Our interest in bees motivates us to continually educate ourselves on new advances in beekeeping and bee removal.

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