Wildlife Control at Affordable Bee & Critter Solutions

If you’ve been noticing animal tracks, odd noises, are property damage in Fort Myers, you should consider putting preventative exclusions around your residential or commercial property. After dealing with annoying wildlife creatures, our pest control professionals can create boundaries and other safeguards to  to avoid this situation from happening again.


If you are raising a family or running a business, you’ll want your customers and family to feel safe from another nuisance. The main technique to keep the animals away is limiting access to food, water and shelter. Also, we can seal entry points and create barriers so they don’t intrude anymore.


Small animals have a habit of entering a house through plumbing vents. Their teeth can chew through cracked parts of a building and gain personal access to your living area. From our years of pest control experience, we know where to inspect your property to find spots animals can damage. Although we don’t do construction repairs, we assist with preventing the problem.


Contact Affordable Bee & Critter Solutions  today and learn about our raccoon removal, opossum removal, snake removal and wildlife removal services in Fort Myers, FL.



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